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How to grow wheatgrass at home

How to grow wheatgrass at home


1. First, you need to soak your in water at least for one or two days. This will help to soften and sprout the seeds easily.

2. Layer of soil is then placed in the bottom of the tray about an inch approximately 2.4 cm should do it.

3. Then cover the surface of your soil with the sprouting seeds if you want the wheatgrass to grow in a nice and thick way.

4. Next you need to cover the sprouting seeds with a thin layer of soil. The seeds should not then dry out, and this will help keep the seeds moist.

5. You should encourage the seeds to grow by placing a tray in a place that is warm and dark for a couple of days. Afterwards, you can cover the tray and maintain the moisture since seeds should not dry out.

6. Find a sunny spot in your garden when the shoots are about an inch in height or 2.4 cm, then place the tray outside or preferable a sunny window sill is ideal if you want to keep your tray indoors.

7. Within a span of 7 to 10 days with good and favorable conditions, your wheat grass will look nice and green and will have grown rapidly to about 8 – 10 inches (20 – 24 cm).

8. You, therefore, need to get some scissors to cut the wheatgrass from the bottom of the stem as near to the surface as possible.


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