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Kinafresh Organic Farm is based on the sound principles of conserving natural resources, limiting the carbon footprint, growing, hiring and eating locally grown and prepared foods, and making the world a better place to live in. This unique perspective clearly shows in the quality of the produce, the well cared for gardens, and natural friendliness and ease of its owners.

Kianfresh Organic Farm was created to meet the growing needs of a community that shares these same views and is concerned about what they eat and feed their children. This is a community that is tired of ‘fresh’ tomatoes bought at the local grocery store. When more than likely the “fresh” tomatoes were picked while still unripe, shipped 3,000 miles over several days/weeks, and then artificially “ripened” using ethylene gas, thus robbing it of practically all of its nutritional value.

Kianfresh Organic Farm is a Community Supported Agriculture (“CSA”) Business entity. CSA is both a marketing strategy and a philosophy. The farmers sell shares (subscriptions) in the next season’s produce, usually before the season begins. Each week of the season, the member receives a ‘share’ of produce from the farm. In some cases the members are involved in decision-making of all aspects of the operation; in others the farmer makes all the decisions. Each CSA is as unique to the farmer and the community it serves. Members may pick up their boxes at the farm, at delivery sites, or home delivery may be offered.

The purpose of this business  is to provide a blueprint for short term and long term goals.